The U.K. Government Backs Spaceport Upgrading For Virgin Orbit

The U.K. Government Backs Spaceport Upgrading For Virgin Orbit

The announcement to offer the funding of approximately $9.5 Million intended for British airport’s infrastructure was recently done by the U.K. Space Agency. The agency’s move demonstrates its key strategy as the British airport is supposed to host the air-launch system of Virgin Orbit. Reportedly, the latest investment by the U.K. Space Agency will be utilized for Virgin Orbit—Virgin Orbit’s U.K. division—in mission planning activities and launch support equipment required at Cornwall Airport Newquay (Spaceport Cornwall).

The latest funding is a small part of approximately £20-million package that focuses on assisting Virgin Orbit to work from the southwestern England-based airport. Later this month, the regional government will vote on offering £10 Million for the work, while Virgin Orbit is supposed to add about £2.5 Million. While talking about the U.K. Space Agency’s backing, Virgin Orbit’s Chief Executive Dan Hart stated, “We are excited to introduce a top-notch launch service at Spaceport Cornwall, take the regional space launch to the U.K., and launch the advanced generation of satellite developers.”

The plans for backing the development of spaceport at the Cornwall airport were revealed by the U.K. Government in June of this year. At the time, the agency intended to invest approximately £7.85 Million and the Cornwall Council was supposed to invest about £12 Million, without any remarks of any investment by Virgin Orbit.

On a similar note, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) recently disclosed its plans to initiate its Venus mission. In this mission, the agency is supposed to access the total planet with the help of an orbiter. The mission also includes the tasks of scanning the planet and finding out diverse activities beneath the surface of this planet. With the successful completion of this mission, researchers will have a better comprehension of Venus along with key data on its atmosphere.

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