Pokémon Go To Allows You Play With Your Friends’ Pokémon In AR

Pokémon Go To Allows You Play With Your Friends’ Pokémon In AR

Niantic has been present for 9 Years now and the firm is still performing well. A lot of that has to do with the achievement of Pokémon Go, along with the recent launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This week, the firm is making various declarations—new programs for developers and small businesses as well as a few enhancements to Pokémon Go—that it expects will fulfill its ever-developing AR dreams.

One of the more fascinating announcements is that Niantic is going to include a multiplayer interaction component dubbed as “Buddy Adventure” to Pokémon Go. The title already comprises of multiplayer mode in the form of real-time and online battles, but this is a much user-friendly idea.

In the new feature, you can not only communicate with your friend by giving it virtual pats on the head and feeding it berries, but you would also be capable of seeing Pokémon of your friends simultaneously. You can then communicate with them, and your buddies will be capable of interacting with your Pokémon as well. In addition to this, image mode operates here, so if you need to take a group photo with your buddies along with all their different Pokémons, you can.

On a related note, beginning in 2020, you will be capable of putting to the test your Pokémon battle skills in opposition to other users all over the world. Niantic earlier declared a new function dubbed as called Go Battle League in Pokémon Go. This feature enables online play and builds upon Trainer Battles. The firm launched Trainer Battles in 2018 to offer you a way to challenge close by users, though you can also play in opposition to buddies anywhere they are, as long as they in your Best or Ultra Friends lists.

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