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Bob Huggins vents about players being ‘misled’ into turning pro early

Bob Huggins laments that college basketball players feel compelled to leave a situation that’s good for them, and he feels strongly that they should try to surround themselves with people who give sound advice.

The West Virginia University Mountaineers’ head coach didn’t hold back about the subject when Jon Rothstein asked him on the College Hoops Today podcast whether the benefits of receiving a scholarship to play college basketball and working toward earning a degree have ever been less valued.

“I don’t think that has anything to do whether a guy stays or goes. I think it’s the people in their ears,” Huggins said. “And the people that really don’t care about them but care about themselves and care about trying to make some money off of them, trying to enhance their own lifestyle as opposed to doing what’s best for them. I mean, c’mon Jon, there’s how many kids have we had and everybody else has had who left that are now bouncing around Europe trying to make a living because they were misled? They were misled by runners. They were misled by agents. They were misled by — at times — people in their own family that totally misled them. And, you know, now here they are out there without a degree and how long can you play?

“You know, if you have a 10-year career, I guess that’s a lot, so now you left at 20 years old, now you’re 30 years old. Hopefully you’ve saved some money from bouncing around Europe and now you come back without a degree. And you can’t imagine the number of them who call guys like me, like (Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari), like — you know — all the guys that have great relationships with their guys and they want to be an assistant coach. Yo, man, you don’t have a degree! You left without a degree. I can’t hire guys without degrees. So now, you know, some guys have — some guys have gone back and toughed it out.

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