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Kobe Bryant tributes will give NBA All-Star Game extra meaning

The late Kobe Bryant will be top of mind when the NBA’s best gather this week for All-Star Weekend in Chicago. 

That point was driven home in a released TNT ad featuring Chance the Rapper — a Chicago native and performer in the event — discussing how Bryant’s influence will loom over the festivities. 

“NBA All-Star. It happens every year. But this year is different,” Chance says in the ad,. “The game will have more meaning than it’s ever had before. 

“The league, the fans, the players will all pay tribute to the legendary Kobe Bryant. For an entire generation he defined the title ‘NBA All-Star.’

“Chicago will glow with a warmth and a brilliance that it’s never had before. It’s the ultimate celebration.” 

The presence of Bryant will also be felt in the All-Star Game format. The new format will feature an untimed fourth quarter with a “target score” to determine the winner. That target score will be the cumulative points the leading team scored in the first three quarters plus 24 — Bryant’s number the final decade of his career

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