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Football, basketball players not only athletes who could cash in with NIL

INDIANAPOLIS — That “free” education NCAA athletes get has never really been free, and the costs are greater for some athletes than others.

As the possibility of athletes being able to profit off their “name, image and likeness” becomes more likely, and there’s a Senate committee hearing Tuesday to delve into this very issue, much of the focus has been on the impact for football and basketball players. But female gymnasts stand to benefit as much as anyone.

Elite gymnastics remains, for the most part, a young woman’s sport. The best American gymnasts compete internationally in their teens, maybe into their early 20s. While there are commercial opportunities for household names such as Simone Biles or Shawn Johnson, they are rarities. Most athletes instead retain their eligibility, going to college when their elite careers are done.

But when their NCAA eligibility is done, so are they. There is no professional league, and no woman has made a world or Olympic team after completing her eligibility since Athens silver medalist Mohini Bhardwaj.

“You either get to go pro or you get to go to NCAA,” said Morgan Hurd, who has retained her eligibility despite winning the world all-around title in 2017. “There’s no in-between, you get one or the other. But football players, they get to go to NCAA and then they get to go pro, too, and get paid.”

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