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What to expect during Best in Show events

The annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show presents New Yorkers with the opportunity to witness championship-level performances at Madison Square Garden before the Knicks return home to face the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night.

Events began on Saturday with the Masters Agility Championship, which was won by a Border Collie from Ohio named P!nk — after the pop singer, and yes, with an exclamation point — who navigated through man-made obstacles to complete the course in 29.35 seconds. The Collie held a commanding lead over an Australian Shepard named Lili Ann, the next-closest finisher at 35.04 seconds.

Sunday’s Masters Obedience Championship, which judges the bond between dog and owner, was once again won by a dominant Labrador Retriever from New Jersey named Heart, who has taken home the crown in each of five years since the event was added to the Westminster schedule.

But dog lovers and aficionados are focused on the Best in Show portion of events. More than 200 breeds are separated into seven groups, with one dog coming out of each group to reach Tuesday evening’s championship. This portion of competition — the dog Oscars, basically — is historically dominated by the terrier group, which took first place a year ago and dwarfs all other groups with 47 wins.

Pickles, a Scottish Terrier, competes at the agility competition during the 144th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Monday features judging of the hound, toy, non-sporting and herding groups. Sporting, working and terrier groups will be evaluated on Tuesday in advance of the Best in Show finals. Judges have already started breaking down the field by selecting the winner of each breed. Here’s what to expect from the best of the best in the dog world:

Hound group

The most recent hound to win Best in Show was a Beagle named Miss P, who took home the honor in 2015. It’s been a solid decade-plus for the group, which also won in 2008 (Beagle) and 2011 (Scottish Deerhound) — the 2008 winner, Uno, was Miss P’s great-uncle. This group produced one of the favorites of last year’s Best in Show portion of competition: Burns, a Longhaired Dachshund, endeared himself to judges and fans and nearly became the first of the Dachshund breed to take home the top honor. This year, Bourbon the Whippet is the favorite to come out of the hound group and one of the top overall contenders for Best in Show.

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