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New York Guardians fans savor win over Tampa Bay Vipers in XFL opener

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — In Section 104 on the lower concourse, they were celebrating.

From right to left, Pete Paguaga, Peter Mingione, and Nick and Anthony DuBartell, were watching the first drive of the XFL’s New York Guardians. They were sharing chicken tenders and fries and a few beers. The four friends figured, one way or another, they would witness football history.

“I had a day off and so I called Anthony down at the end, and he’s starting a new job,” Paguaga told USA TODAY Sports in between sips of a beer. “Peter’s wife is away for the weekend, so it’s a #Katiefreeweekend. Whether this league succeeds or fails, it’s history, right? It’s either the first game of a successful league, or it’s the first game of a league that fails in a year. We’re all sports fans. So we just figured: ‘Why not?’”

New York Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin

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On this cool, partly cloudy Sunday, there was a measured enthusiasm coursing through the stadium, football-thirsty fans optimistic that a spring league could flourish amid a history of failed attempts and aborted plans. The challenge is to become a developmental, professional league against the juggernaut of the NFL. Fans seemed eager to accept the XFL and its transparency the NFL never will provide, its deviations in rules and mic’ed up player huddles.

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