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Mild Cognitive Problems Could Be Resolved Through Exercising

Mild Cognitive Problems Could Be Resolved Through ExercisingMild Cognitive Impairment, for instance – unable to take decisions, concentrate on something, skills used in reasoning or memory can be the beginning steps to something more dangerous such as – Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. A study of the Alzheimer’s Association said that nearly 15–20% of people aged over 65 in United States suffer from MCI. A research has recently found out regular exercising to be one of the easiest ways to keep MCI away.

A research was conducted. It consisted of people with symptoms of MCI and other cardiovascular diseases. They were asked to follow a diet that had more fresh fruits and vegetables, low content in sodium, high fiber, beans, nuts, dairy products that are low in fat etc.

After an observation of the diet and exercise consisting of warm-ups and jogging, cycling or walking for six months, an evaluation was made. Cardiovascular health check up of the patients was done by assessing their blood sugar, lipid profiles or pressure etc. And the results were quite impressive. People who suffered from lower levels of MCI had improved a lot by a routine healthy life. People who did both exercise and diet obviously benefitted more compared to those who did either of the two. Planning things and reaching targets one step at a time helps those who are suffering from cognitive impairment. However, there was no prominent improvement noticed in their memory.

Before the experiment, the executive function points of the participants were nearly 93 years old while their age was about 28 years less. After the exercise and proper diet, the average score was found to be only 84 years, which is a big improvement.

Researchers feel that they would certainly require more time and more people to examine how far this schedule of exercise and diet can help them and what additional thing needs to be done to improve their memories as well.

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