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Facebook Unveils Millions Of Users’ Data Was Exposed By Hackers

During September, Facebook—the social networking giant—got hacked due to its security wall rupture. Recently Facebook unveiled regarding the hack that personal information of millions of users has been exposed. Facebook said that the attackers got the access tokens of 30 Million users’ data by controlling 400,000 accounts. Users need these access tokens to sign into their Facebook accounts without typing their passwords.

Out of the 30 Million affected users, the sensitive information of 14 Million users has been exposed including their names, gender, relationship status, contact details, and their recent location access shared by them. The names and contact details of the other 15 Million affected users have been leaked and the access tokens of the remaining 1 Million of the affected users had been stolen. For the security purpose, the company has already reset these access tokens for the affected users.

Facebook has also released a website worldwide for users to check whether their accounts were affected by the security breakdown, and if affected, then to which extent their personal data was exposed.

According to Facebook, the FBI is investigating over the attack and asked the company for not discussing the suspect regarding the attack.

Guy Rosen—Facebook vice-president of product management—apologizing to the Facebook users for this incident said that their information security and privacy are really important. He also said that the company is looking to identify the people behind the attacks, who may have used Facebook. The company has also informed the Irish Data Protection Commission and the U.S. Federal Trade Center.

Describing the hack, Rosen said that the networking site was hacked on September 14 and the company detected the issue on September 25. The company managed to control the vulnerabilities by strengthening the security and resetting the access tokens for affected users within two days.

According to a blog post published by Facebook, due to delay in the discovery about the security breach, around 50 Million users were affected, and other 40 Million users were estimated to be at risk; which has been reduced to 30 Million now.

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