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Soon, Facebook Messenger Will Receive “Unsend Message” Button

An “Unsend” feature is been in testing for Facebook Messenger by the social media giant. The same was later reported by TechCrunch after obtaining a hint from the one who accessed the “Unsend” button’s prototype, Jane Manchun Wong.

Also, pictures of the new feature are been posted on Twitter by Wong. At present, Messenger users are capable of deleting conversations from their inbox, although the recipient/ sender will be capable of seeing the chat in their inbox. The snaps posted by Wong display that the Unsend button will surface when a message is selected by a user and prompts up on top of the Delete Message choice.

If a user hits the Unsend button alternative, they will be capable of deleting the message from the conversation on behalf of all the users. However, one should remember that this new facility will only permit users to apply the alternative within a restricted timeframe.

Initially, the Unsend feature of Facebook came to the spotlight after CEO Mark Zuckerberg was capable of erasing messages in April this year from the inbox of several recipients. Shortly this breach of user trust came to the forefront; Facebook did declare that it was functioning on an Unsend feature for the users. Although, Facebook would require ensuring that the Unsend message feature doesn’t get exploited, or be another cause through which user confidentiality could be undermined.

Moreover, Facebook has substantiated that millions of users did, in actual fact, have private information accessed during a severe security violation revealed late last month. Primarily, the social media giant projected that 50 Million accounts were impacted by the hack, however, stated it was not apparent whether any data had been pilfered.

Facebook has reworked the total number of impacted users down to about 30 Million. Nevertheless, it has also corroborated that private information was accessed by hackers in most of those cases.

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