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Opportunity Mars Rover Of NASA Remains Silent


NASA researchers are yet to listen from the Mars Opportunity Rover that has been still since a dust tempest enwrapped the Red Planet. As per NASA, it’s likely that a dust layer deposited on the solar panels of the rover owing to the dust tempest is obstructing sunlight that could revive its batteries.

In a statement, NASA said, nobody can enlighten just how much sand has been rested on its panels. The agency’s JPL is using a blend of listening and commanding techniques in case the rover is still functional.

A windy episode on Mars—acknowledged by Opportunity’s squad as “dust-clearing season”—happens in the November-to-January span and has assisted to clear the rover’s panes previously. The team stays buoyant that some dust clearing might bring about hearing from Opportunity in this period.

The rover has surpassed its anticipated lifetime several times over. Opportunity as well as Spirit, its twin, were developed to last for 90 Days only on the Martian surface, with the probability that the planet’s intense dust storms and winters could incise their assignment short. Opportunity has endured for almost 15 Years. It communicated for the last time on June 10 prior to being compelled into hibernation by the escalating dust storm.

According to another report, Russia’s space agency head stated that 2 astronauts who lived the Russian rocket’s mid-air breakdown would soar again and would conditionally tour to the ISS in next year’s spring.

The head of Roscosmos (Russian space agency), Dmitry Rogozin, spoke a day after American Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin made a striking emergency alighting in Kazakhstan after the Soyuz rocket’s breakdown hauling them to the orbital ISS.

The mishap took place as the 1st and 2nd stages of the rocket parted soon after the blast-off from Kazakhstan’s Soviet-era cosmodrome of Baikonur.

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