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As Per IFPI Report, YouTube Is Driving The Worldwide Consumption of Music

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), the trade body for the global record business, revealed its Music Consumer Insight Report for this year, which scrutinizes how music users aged 16 to 64 connect with recorded music in twenty of the biggest music markets of the world.

To no one’s shock, streaming carries on to rule music listening, with around 86% of responders entail in music that manner, with 57% in the sample of 16 to 24-year old via a paid audio service. One more result demonstrates almost half of the time utilized hearing to on-demand music is via YouTube, with 20% on no-cost audio streaming, 28% on compensated audio streaming, and 52% of that overall on video streaming. As far as recurring fair worth to the music society, Spotify offers $20 to each $1 for YouTube, implying there’s still a gap to surmount.

Overall, responders on average heard to 17.8 H of music each week, with the car being the most well-liked place. The peak 5 genres are as such: hip-hop (26%), soundtracks (30%), EDM (32%), Rock (57%), and Pop (64%).

Furthermore, as per a recent report, now Google has commenced to rollout download quality and audio streaming controls on the Android OS for YouTube Music.

The most recent controls surface with newer alternatives in the “Downloads” and “Settings” menu—Always high, high, normal, and low—that would enable the users to select the quality of video content and audio on the platform, taking into account their needs and data limitations.

As reported by 9To5Google in a post, “Beyond a wish of an audiophile for the highest quality of sound, including this setting assist the users to better administer their data schemes when streaming and also device storage when lining up songs for the offline playback.”

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