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Did Michael Jordan-led dynasty break up to soon?

Just imagine, Bulls owner/chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan sitting at a hotel smoking cigars and reminiscing about their historic time together in Chicago.

Well, it happened just last week at Major League Baseball owners’ meeting in Orlando where Reinsdorf and Jordan stayed at the same hotel.

“I would say we are friends,” Reinsdorf, 83, told USA TODAY Sports. “I don’t see him that often. I enjoy being with him. Just saw Michael the other night. We were staying at the same hotel. Me and Michael and (Miami Marlins owner Derek) Jeter were talking about the good ol’ days. We (Jordan and Reinsdorf) sat out there for a couple of hours just smoking cigars and talking about those days.”

Michael Jordan celebrates in 1998 after the he led the Bulls to their sixth NBA title in eight years.

Those days as in when Jordan, 56, and the Bulls ruled the NBA, winning six championships in eight seasons, including three straight from 1991-’93 and three straight from 1996-’98. The two seasons Chicago didn’t win came when Jordan, who owns the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and sees Reinsdorf at those owners’ meetings, took time off from basketball to play minor-league baseball.

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