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Astros apologize, but won’t waver on merits of 2017 World Series title

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Houston Astros profusely apologized Thursday for cheating throughout their World Series championship season, knowing it was wrong.

Yet, they also refused to discredit their 2017 World Series title, adamantly believing they would have won the championship anyways, trash can pounding or not.

It was hardly the apology that will soothe an angry public, or their angry peers throughout the game.

They aren’t forfeiting their $438,901.57 World Series checks.

They aren’t going to personally call and apologize to the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, the three teams they defeated during their playoff run.

The Astros simply don’t believe they were the only ones cheating.

Two members of the Astros organization told USA TODAY Sports that they were told several teams were also cheating by using live video feeds during the season, but no one else has been caught.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.  

The Red Sox are the only team that’s currently being investigated by Major League Baseball.

Astros' Jose Altuve carries a bat as he heads out to hit.

Still, for now, the Astros will wear it.

Go ahead and believe they were smarter than everyone else, and that no one could have figured out how to use live video feed.

Go ahead and believe that the Astros were the only ones who were immoral, dared to act unethically, cheating when everyone else was clean.

The Astros can’t wait for the day when MLB launches investigations into other teams, when there are more whistleblowers besides their former teammate, Mike Fiers, or whether secret documents are leaked.

For now, they’ve got no choice but to wear it.

They’ll be Baseball’s Ugly Duckling for the season, with fans taunting them on the road, opposing teams deliberately hitting them with pitches, and perhaps even threats that summon extra security.

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