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Astros players defend Carlos Beltran in wake of sign-stealing scandal

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Days after a report in The Athletic detailed Carlos Beltran’s alleged role in the Houston Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing affair, current Astros –including shortstop Carlos Correa – voiced support for their former teammate.

“Carlos Beltran was the nicest guy we ever had, the greatest teammate we ever had. He was obviously a leader of the clubhouse, but we all had a say in everything we were doing in there,” Correa said Thursday after owner Jim Crane held a press conference to open spring training.

“Whatever he said and whatever we were doing, we had the chance to stop it, as a team. Everybody.

“Everybody had the chance to say something, and we didn’t. So, whoever the anonymous source is that we were intimidated or too young to say something ,that’s just straight-up (expletive). Beltran didn’t intimidate anybody. You can talk to anybody in here. Beltran is an unbelievable gentleman, a straight-up gentleman, and nobody would be intimidated by him.”

The Athletic report alleged that “some Astros players, even manager A.J. Hinch, felt powerless to stop (Beltran).”

Beltran, who retired after the 2017 season, was hired as the New York Mets’ manager in November 2019 but was ousted after being named in Major League Baseball’s report on the Astros.

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